Monday, January 11, 2016


another one left us and I thought of you
musk and rasp

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I am moody. The secret of an artist trying to fawn her way about corporate America is that she cannot stay even. I need attention, acknowledgement and continual inspiration. I am needy. The drone of monotony makes me moody. Not the average, I have a case of the Mondays, or Wednesdays in this case, but bumpy and jostled moody. Like I want to stand on my desk, run through the hallways, toss stuff around. I want to have a conversation that doesn't revolve around how the coffee tastes or the potential rain outside. Does anyone read books that don't involve a purchase at the grocery store? Not that I am discounting my graduate and high school friends who have made it to the NY Times Best Sellers list and run the cash cow of retail, house-wife dram-rom-com paperbacks. More certainly, I envy you and am faking it right now by pretending I wouldn't want that fame. I am moody and frustrated by the current size of my jeans. By the laugh of that one lady three cubes outside my office. When I should be gloating. I should be ecstatic that I have an office. But, I am moody. I am picky and stingy and grumpy and persnickety and overall just not finding my creative voice in this arena. So, now the onus comes back on me. I have to make the change. I have to do something about this. And what exactly is that action? I have applied at other places. Job descriptions read like sentencing arraignments rather than careers. The notion of making it start all over sounds terrible. My sentiments toward people are waning -I hate them all. The gold medal for misanthrope of the year is dangling at my fingertips. I see it on the horizon and the scowl imprinted on my forehead just continues to grow. I am verging, edging closer and closer to the point of no return. This is not a good thing. This is not acceptable. I am to be sunshine and lollipops. A spring in my step. A beacon of light rays to make everyone's morning, afternoon and drive home better.  BUT I am moody. I am tired. I am thirsty. 

Monday, September 09, 2013

to remove - to leave - to be gone

in passing
chest retrieves
too many steps
there is not enough

she thinks of
poets and aki-sighs
the smell of dreadlocks
baby powder and American Spirits

take so many shapes
the salt
the weight
the pouring

Thursday, January 10, 2013

return mem like an overdue

She said she wanted to watch it all a full iris from the interior like if you eat the eyeballs then you gain better understanding – if you hold his penis in your right hand you control the urination. Taped to the left cheek she sees whiskers and the upper bicuspid. Speculations make for a missed block and two miles later the bad side of town opens with grubby fingers and a finder's fee for empty aluminum cans.

This building sits on the line between them, you and the rest you know. Like that, the invisible partition between – the electrons are happening soon – two dipoles making a moment. 

Birth control comes in little fabric packages purple and teal – feminine colors to make you believe you are not removing a piece of your sexuality by altering the chemical composition of the interior. The extraction of the supposed to replaced with nothing and the single stream recycling. If a paper clip gets in the way – the whole process can jam.

The body replicates and reproduces cells on a regular basis. With cancer, the cells mutate and duplicate at mass speed. The error function serving more active than supposed normal. The normal develop codes and congregations, the deviant multiply and spread along the surfaces in between crevices and asphalt.

She said she wanted to watch it all a full bulbous detracting from the outside. The ticket taker makes no refunds, and now the story has splayed.

in ex trick able

the loathsome meander in soy sauce covered with beard shavings

C walks enpointe to make less motion

a billow



corrugated metal achors are allowed
(only with attenutated speech)
common nail fastener
wood to stud (not sheathing)

breathing takes almost twice as long

rigid metal detailed to prevent disengagement
mortar bed thickness shall be humbled twice

we promote the use of shapes
angle corners, deep rivits and soffits

extra cost is invovled for tenders, standings, coddling and reverse face flat sides

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


political cats blog spacious
take serif font to tailgates and drink vitamins
the dust collecting between the floorboards
verse for days

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

delays in paper

C reads the blogs of others to live vicariously
a foreign object has lodged itself inside the cavity
moments of space muted
ventriliquists put their hand inside another let their inside out

never sun saw the poet here a word
mystical mistaken the onion in the fridge shed flakes
from the mold overtaken
shortened in a line
the pattern of starts move each day
she ran through the door
hugged him and dripped the shoulder

to be away 'office' den toxin

c sees crossroads and valleys
the makings
rope stick three coins and a
brain longing reflux

Monday, March 15, 2010

in the pages we look for the special
like contagious feel the interior
like inferior means end
the word of language
two nova species
smoke in a room
move things around

pistel and clay
comma hardened in the rivets


worldling a movement pendulum
brought forth in snow the lilac scent sprinkles
dust carriers like mites scrubbed clean
to make a better guest
when we add another candle the moments become softer
aged drift of cod oil and lumber the house needs a fresh coat
like mine flaxen a wide tooth-smile makes the cover more appealing
take that appendage put it in your pocket
top left turn extend \the touch of skin upon skin simulates cordial